Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blaik's Kingdom Prologue


Blaik was trapped in the dungeon. His own adviser had betrayed him, a fate Blaik would never see coming, but trust is the most cunning poison in the universe.

        Now who’s at the bottom of the chain?” Syrain asked Blaik in a wicked voice. “Bow to me!”

        “I would never bow down to something so evil,” Blaik replied.

        “Oh, but you will,” Syrain said. “Just as all of your subjects, and even worse, all of your friends have!”

        “LIES!” Blaik yelled.

        “It’s so adorable how you think that, but the truth is, they all have,” Syrain taunted. “Now I'm going to leave you while I rule this kingdom. Enjoy the unending suffering that you deserve.”

        “Syrain,” Blaik started, “I didn’t mean for you to suffer! I am so sorry for what happened to you.”

        “Spare me,” Syrain said. “I will never forget the way they treated me... and it’s all because of you!” Syrain began to cry.

        “I didn’t mean for that to happen!” Blaik protested.

        Syrain lifted her head as she stared Blaik directly in the eyes. Her tear-stained face emitted an aura of harsh resentment. “Well know this,” Syrain started, “I mean for all of this suffering to fall upon you.”

        “Don’t you think this war has caused enough suffering on everyone!?” Blaik yelled.

        Syrain chuckled and yelled “No!” as she stormed out of the dungeon to let Blaik suffer an eternity…

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  1. Huh. A very interesting set up and opening. I wonder what will happen next? ;-)