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Blaik's Kingdom Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Building of Syrain’s Army

Unc Leaves grow on Unc Trees
Unc Trees capture a deadly breeze
A deadly breeze to put you at ease
Unc Leaves make the knees freeze
Unc Leaves make a sleepy disease
Unc Leaves to put you at ease

          How can a child’s nursery rhyme have such a dark meaning? Do the children remain innocent while singing about an illegal drug? The song is very accurate. Unc Leaves do grow on Unc Trees. The deadly breeze? Unc Leaves emit a strong odor of incense. When a wind catches the tree, the aroma reeks so strong that it slowly kills all other surrounding plant life. If a human is near an Unc Tree, it slowly numbs the nerves, causing the human’s knees to freeze. If an Unc Leaf is inhaled directly, you slowly lose all consciousness, a sleepy disease to put you at ease.

          Blaik could hear a thousand young children singing the nursery rhyme over and over in his head. The words slowly started to change, as the voices meshed into one wretched voice.

          “I rule, and everyone else in the universe is horrible association!” it sang.

As Blaik’s mind crawled out of a haze, the voice became ever more familiar. Even though Blaik was unable to open his eyes, he knew exactly who was singing; a wicked queen from a far off planet,

“Victoriama, why are you in my kingdom?” Blaik mumbled.

“Oh, so you’ve awaken,” Victoriama said. “Did you enjoy your little nap?”

“I-I was captured by someone, but I have no idea who it was, and I can’t open my eyes,” Blaik said.

“When Syrain said ‘Unc Leaves will knock him out,’ she was not joking.” Victoriama said as she chuckled with an evil smile.

“What are you talking about?” Blaik asked.

“Mums the word,” Victoriama answered. “Mikeez told me that I dare not tell you what is going on.  I just need to make sure you don’t go anywhere.”

“Mikeez?” Blaik asked. “I thought her and her family died eight years ago.”

“Well you’re a dumb boy so you don’t know that Syrain has created an army and Mikeez is the leader. Oh, and Madilk and Azrat are still alive. The only one that really died was Mitch,” Victoriama quickly spilled.

“Hello Blaik,” a girl said from behind Victoriama. She was covered in black clothes. Her long black hair framed her freckled face. She slowly walked closer to Victoriama until their faces nearly touched. “I told Syrain you were a bad secret keeper. If it were up to me, I would leave you chained on your planet to rot.”

“I hate you more than words can explain,” Victoriama said. “If you resided on my planet, I would have you arrested for not wearing pink. The color black offends me. You are bad association!”

As they were arguing, Blaik slowly forced his eyes open. His vision was blurred, but he was able to make out shadows. “Mikeez?” Blaik asked.

“Hello Blaik. Long time no see,” Mikeez said. “Have you been well these past eight years?”

“What happened to you? I thought you died with your family. What happened to your blonde locks? You have changed much since we were young,” Blaik said.

“I figure black suits me better,” Mikeez said. “But now is not the time for catching up. Now I must explain to you what you are here for. I remember liking you, so I’ll be blunt. Syrain formed an army three years ago, an army that assassinates kings or queens from different planets to take over their kingdoms.”

“What?!” Blaik yelled.

“Do not raise your voice with me!” Mikeez ordered. “Listen, you are an old friend, and I don’t want to kill you-”

“Then don’t!” Blaik interrupted.

“If it were that simple, I wouldn’t kill you,” Mikeez reasoned, “but it isn’t that simple. I didn’t want to help kill… never mind. Since you are an old friend, I will let you go, but only this once.”

“Well you obviously have the intention of killing me,” Blaik said, “so why not now?”

“Yeah! Why not!?” Victoriama asked.

“Because Syrain… I will leave the killing up to Syrain,” Mikeez explained. “Victoriama, untie Blaik.”

“Yes ma’am,” Victoriama said, and walked her thin body over to the chair Blaik was tied to. Her long skinny fingers untied the ropes as Mikeez continued to talk.

“Why are you doing this Mikeez?” Blaik asked. “Do you really want to go through with all of this?”

Mikeez ignored the question. “Expect war Blaik.” She scratched her face and revealed a scar on her left cheek. She pulled a red cloth out of her pocket. “Wear this cloth to cover your eyes. Someone will escort you out, Your Majesty.”

Mikeez tied the cloth around Blaik’s head.

Darkness. Everything has such an eerie feel in the dark. Complete darkness is a feeling of vulnerability. Vulnerable in the home of an enemy.

Victoriama lead Blaik to a door, where a small hand took Blaik’s hand.

“Hello Blaik,” a small voice with a British accent said.

As soon as he heard the voice, Blaik knew it was Madilk, a leprechaun, and also sister to Mikeez. “Hello Madilk,” Blaik replied.

They walked a few steps, and Blaik heard a voice from his left yell, “Madilk! What are you doing?”

“Mikeez ordered me to lead Blaik out,” Madilk replied.

“Or are you a trader?” the voice asked.

“Go ask Mikeez yourself,” Madilk said. “She’s in the interrogation room.”

“Fine,” the voice said, “I’ll go right over there n- oomph!”

“How do you trip when nothing is there to trip you?” Madilk teased.

“Gaineb?” Blaik asked. “You haven’t changed a bit. Still always tripping all the time.”

“Shut up!” Gaineb yelled. He lifted himself up and punched Blaik in the stomach. “What’s wrong? You can’t fight back?”

Blaik coughed. “I refuse to retaliate in an unnecessary situation.”

“That’s why your kingship will fail. But as for me, I will be king of the greatest kingdom in the universe!” Gaineb exclaimed.

“What makes you so sure Syrain will appoint you as the ruler of Kryo?” Madilk asked.

“Because she loves me,” Gaineb said with a hint of pride in his tone. He punched Blaik in the stomach once more. “See you around you worthless piece of life.” Gaineb angrily walked off into a room and threw a chair to a wall.

“That’s where Gaineb is wrong,” a voice said in front of Blaik and Madilk.

“What do you want Logmar?” Madilk asked in an irritated voice.

“I wanted to make sure Blaik knows who is taking over his kingdom,” Logmar said.

          “So that was you,” Blaik said. “You were the one who drugged me.”
          “That’s right,” Logmar said. “And I did it because you sister, Syrain, is in love with me and will make me King!”

          “Well I think both you and Gaineb are wrong,” Madilk said.

          “Oh what do you know you little leprechaun?” Logmar asked.

          “If you ask me, it seems logical that she will make Nik the King. You know Blaik, your best friend,” Madilk explained.

        “You are out of your mind,” Blaik said. “None of my friends would ever join your army.”

“Do you really think Nik would choose you over his own brother?” Madilk asked with a chuckle.

“What are you talking about?” Blaik asked. “Dann died last year from a stunt accident.”

“Did he?” Madilk asked rhetorically. “You might want to hear all the facts before you assume things.”

“Dann is dead. It happened right before my eyes.” Blaik said.

          “But did you see his body afterward?” Logmar asked. “Syrain was the only one to see Dann’s body after the accident. Haven’t you every heard the Myth of the Great Stunt Man? The greatest stunt is to swallow a poisoned leaf. and remain unconscious until something truly evil kisses them.”

          “The only way to wake up from a Poisoned Leaf is to be kissed by something truly evil,” Madilk included.

          “Are you saying Syrain is truly evil?” Blaik hesitated to ask, afraid for an answer.

“I’m saying Syrain convinced Dann into doing the stunt,” Logmar smiled.

          “Don’t you think that if Nik finds out his close brother is still alive, he would join us instantly?” Madilk asked. “Now come on! I must get you out of here before Mikeez has my head.”

“Wait,” Blaik said. “How are you communicating with Syrain? It is completely impossible.”

          “You would have to ask Mikeez,” Madilk said. “I’ve never spoken to her. Now let’s get a move on!”

          After an hour of walking, Madilk and Blaik stopped to rest.

          “My feet are throbbing,” Madilk said. “How about you?”

          “I’ve walked for longer periods of time before,” Blaik replied.

          “You haven’t said a word this whole time that we have walked,” Madilk said.
          “I’m blind folded, being lead by an evil leprechaun, and I just found out overwhelming news,” Blaik said.

          “Listen,” Madilk said, “I know I have a reputation as an evil leprechaun, but I’m not all evil. I actually feel bad for you.”

          Blaik stayed silent.

          “Well, let’s keep moving then,” Madilk said.      

          Madilk and Blaik continued to walk until Blaik could
see sunlight sneaking through his blind fold. Madilk walked him into the same forest where Blaik was captured the night before. They stopped, and Madilk untied the blind fold. It had been a long time since Blaik could see, so he squinted, letting the sunlight creep up on him little by little. He was surrounded in a blur of green.

          When his eyes were fully opened, Madilk was gone. A note was left on a leaf by Blaik’s foot. It read: Prepare for war.

          Blaik gazed up at the sun and could tell it was late afternoon. His heart was heavy from the overwhelming day. He knew he had to tell Aimee everything right away. She always gave him great advice. But seeing as mermaids are nocturnal, he decided to visit his other best friend, Nik Sanoj.

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  1. Victoriama? Bad association? I see irony here somewhere xD Good job though. Improvement from last chapter definitely. Although I'm still getting a little lost with so many new characters popping up lol. Maybe you could give a little more explanation as to who each person is, a debrief, so tht way if any of those characters are brought back, they'll be more likely be remembered. Of course this could be personal opinion on my part. Every writing style is different after all.