Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blaik's Kingdom Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Rise of a Young King

        All of Kryo was mourning the death of the great King Hergyo. Hergyo's fifteen year old son, Blaik, now had to take on the responsibilities of a king.  The death of his father had him overwhelmed with feelings of despair, guilt, and shame.

          “Everything will be alright,” Syrain, Blaik’s twin sister, said.

          “I can’t help but feel like it’s my fault,” Blaik replied. “I mean, if I hadn’t gone to Mer Lake, he might still be alive.”

          “It isn’t your fault Blaik,” Syrain comforted. “You couldn’t have changed his heart conditions. Besides, if you were there, you wouldn’t have been able to get to a Xlair in time to save him.”

          “I suppose you are right,” Blaik said. “I just don’t know how I’m going to take care of this entire kingdom by myself.”

          “Well,” Syrain started, “if you would like, I could take care of the kingdom. After all, I am more of a stay-at-palace kind of a girl. You on the other hand like to go out and socialize with your friends, like what you were doing when father died.”

          “That’s true,” Blaik said. “But I know father would want me to take his place.”

          “If you insist,” Syrain hesitated to say. “Although, father didn’t die on my watch.”

          “What!?” Blaik shouted. “Y-you just said it wasn’t my fault.”

          “Oh, Blaik, I was merely trying to cheer you up. But let’s be honest here, it was somewhat your fault.” Syrain said straight faced.

          “NO! YOU ARE LYING!!!” Blaik yelled.

          “Everyone agrees with me, and you aren’t able to bear it anymore, are you?”

          “LOCK YOUR LIPS!” Blaik screamed with tears racing down his cheeks.

          “I honestly believe you don’t deserve all of father’s precious land. It should be all mine!” Syrain exclaimed. She pulled a dagger out from under her black dress. “It will be all mine!”

          “Guards!” Blaik yelled.

          The guards arrived in time to save Blaik from a tragic death. Syrain was arrested and sent to the Endless Dungeon of Darkness. While she was being dragged in she promised she would be avenged. 

         Many months later, Syrain's prophecy began to unfold. All of her former companions seemed to disappear. Blaik sensed something wrong, so he went to Mer Lake to get advice from a friend.

          Blaik walked to the edge of the lake. He got down to his knees. “Aimee, are you there?” Blaik whispered to the water.

          A tail covered in red scales came to the surface of the lake, then disappeared into the dark water. A young girl's head emerged from the water and approached Blaik. “Good morning Blaik,” she said.

          “It’s evening,” Blaik corrected. “I am not nocturnal like you mermaids, remember? Anyway, I need some of your advice, Aimee.”
          Aimee used her webbed fingers to brush her brown hair out of her face. “What can I help you with?”

          “Remember when Syrain went into the dungeon yelling she would be avenged?” Blaik asked.

          “Yes,” Aimee replied.

          “Well I’ve noticed all of her friends have been disappearing, and I sense something horrible might come upon us,” Blaik explained.

          “I see,” Aimee said brushing her hair out of her face, “but I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”


“You are an amazing king,” Aimee said. “For example, you are the first king to have peaceful relations with mermaids.”

“But I was your friend before I was appointed king,” Blaik debated.

“Well, you’re only fifteen, and you’ve taken over the entire kingdom of Kryo,” Aimee fired back.

“True,” Blaik agreed, “and plus, you are the fastest swimmer in the universe, so I can always count on you if an enemy goes into the water.”

“As long as it’s at night, when I’m awake. You also have the fastest runner in the universe on your side,” Aimee added. "How is Nik by the way?"

“Didn’t you hear that Nik broke his leg?” asked Blaik.

“He did?” Aimee asked aghast. “Is he alright?”

“Yes. A Xlair came to his aid in time, so he received medical treatment,” Blaik told Aimee. “He can’t walk on it for about three weeks. I feel guilty because I haven’t been able to visit him yet.”

“He’ll understand,” Aimee reassured him. “Being a king isn’t an easy job.”

“Tell me about it,” Blaik said and yawned. “I’m getting tired. I think I should return to the palace and rest for the night.”

“Ok,” Aimee said, brushing the hair out of her face. “Goodnight for you…”

“…And good morning for you! I shall see you later,” Blaik said and walked toward a forest under a full moon.

As Blaik reached the woods, he felt as if he were being followed. Every once in a while he would check his surroundings to see if any creatures were following him. These parts of the woods freak me out, Blaik thought to his self. He saw a shadow run behind a bush in the corner of his eye. “Hello! Is anyone there?”

“I’m sorry Your Majesty,” a voice said from behind Blaik.

Blaik turned around and squinted as the shadow became increasingly familiar. “Logmar?”

“Sweetest of dreams, Your Majesty,” the voice said while putting an Unc Leaf on Blaik’s mouth. Blaik fell unconscious.

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  1. There's alot of new words to learn here lol. I feel like some of it should be elaborated on just a bit more, idk. This is a whole new world you as the writer are introducing us as the reader to. Really tell us about it, help us get into Blaik's thoughts and mind set. Not just explain what's happening and what ppl are saying. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying it! Write more!